So sánh các phiên bản Storyline

So sánh các phiên bản Storyline

Bảng dưới đây sẽ so sánh các phiên bản phần mềm Articulate Storyline



Storyline 360

Storyline 3

Storyline 2

Content Library 360
Content Library 360 Templates
Content Library 360 Characters
8.3+ Million Content Library 360 Photos, Illustrations, Icons, and Videos
Integration with Review 360 for Stakeholder Reviews
Team Slides for Articulate 360 Teams
Media Library
Uncompressed Audio
Convert Text to Speech
Text-to-Speech Closed Captions
Slide Numbers
One-Click Slide Insert
Object Editing Enhancements
Insert Pictures as States
Fine-Tune Motion Paths
Random Number Variable
New Triggers Panel and Workflow
Jump-to-Time Trigger
Course Completion Trigger
Preview Selected Scenes & Slides
Publish to cmi5
Publish to Video
Modern Player
Modern Player Accessible Contrast
Modern Player Zoom
Conditional Seekbar
Glossary Import and Export
Review and Retry Only Incorrect Questions
Score Only Viewed Questions
Expanded Quiz Tracking
Track Multiple Completion Criteria
Enhanced Word Translation
Text Autofit
Text Styles
Hyperlink States
More Custom Text Styles
Accessible Text
Accessible Semantic Formatting
Accessible Text Styles
Accessible Player Controls
Adjustable Accessibility Settings
Accessible Player
Modern Text Rendering
HTML5-Only CD Courses
Enhanced Restricted/Locked Navigation
Responsive Player for Tablets and Smartphones
Responsive Preview Toolbar
Responsive Playback Restrictions
HTML5 Gesture Support
Superior HTML5 Output
Publish to HTML5 First/Only
Closed Captions Editor
Import Closed Captions
Custom Fonts for Closed Captions
Toggle Captions On/Off with Triggers
Dial Interactions
Orient Objects to Motion Paths
Rename Motion Paths
Trigger Action When Objects Intersect
Trigger Action When Object Intersection Ends
Trigger Action When Object Enters Slide
Trigger Action When Object Leaves Slide
Edit Properties for Multiple Layers Simultaneously
Duplicate Multiple Layers Simultaneously
Square-CornerButton Styles
Broadcast-Level Audio Optimization
Picture Placeholders Can Be Any Shape
Images Scale and Crop to Fill Picture Placeholders
Triggers Remain When Swapping Out Placeholder Images
New Design Elements for Result Slides
Publish Scenes or Slides
Best Right-to-Left Language Support
Section 508 Accessibility Support in HTML5 Output
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Support in HTML5 Output
Structure Text with Tables
Define Custom Tab Order in HTML5 Output
Adjustable Player Font Size in HTML5 Output
Skip Player Navigation with Screen Readers in HTML5 Output
Language ID for Screen Readers in HTML5 Output
Find and Replace Fonts
Detect Missing Fonts
Streamlined Interface with Form/Slide View Toggle
WYSIWYG Text Editor
Custom Character, Line, and Paragraph Spacing
Custom Bullets
Support for Special Font Characters
Typographic Ligatures
Dockable Panels
Localized Interface
Enhanced Eyedropper Tool
Motion Path Animations
Relative Start Points for Motion Paths
More Entrance and Exit Animations
Animation Painter
More Slide Transitions
Trigger Action When Timeline Reaches Specific Time or Cue Point
Trigger Action When Animation Completes
Trigger Hidden and Disabled States for Player Buttons
Slider Interactions
Copy Layers from One Slide to Another
Support for Uncompressed Videos
Import Questions from Excel Spreadsheets and Text Files
Negative Scoring
Optional Read-Only Seekbar
HTML5 Output for Android OS
Articulate Mobile Player Output for Android OS
Superior Section 508 Accessibility Support in Flash Output
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Support in Flash Output
Define Custom Tab Order in Flash Output
Adjustable Player Font Size in Flash Output
Skip Player Navigation with Screen Readers in Flash Output
Language ID for Screen Readers in Flash Output
Intuitive Interface for Easy Authoring
Custom Slide Sizes
Import Scenes and Slides from other Storyline Projects
Import Slides from Your Template Library
Import Slides from PowerPoint
Import Quizmaker Quizzes
Import Engage Interactions
Illustrated and Photographic Characters
Story View
Design Themes
Color Themes
Font Themes
Slide Masters
Feedback Masters
Storyline Templates
Format Painter
Define Default Object Styles and Formatting
Zooming and Panning
Slide Layers
Built-In Object States
Custom Object States
Character Expression States
Drag-and-Drop States
Right-Click Triggers
Button Sets
Data-Entry Fields
Interactive Markers
Mouse Cursors
Scrolling Panels
Reusable Screen Recordings
Software Simulations with Auto-Generated Captions and Hotspots
Action Fine Tuning for Software Simulations
Import, Record, and Edit Videos
Import, Record, and Edit Audio
Import and Edit Images
Capture Screenshots
Add Shapes and Captions
Import Flash Movies
Embed Web Objects
Entrance and Exit Animations
Slide Transitions
20 Form-Based Question Types
Convert Slide to Freeform Interaction
Drag-and-Drop< Freeform Interactions
Pick-One Freeform Interactions
Pick-Many Freeform Interactions
Text-Entry Freeform Interactions
Hotspot Freeform Interactions
Shortcut-Key Freeform Interactions
Add Multiple Quizzes to the Same Course
Question Banks
Randomize Questions
Slide View
Form View
Customizable Passing Score
Time Limit
Optional Answer Shuffling
Customizable Feedback
Customizable Result Slide
Quiz Review and Remediation
Set the Number of Quiz Attempts
Print Quiz Results
Customizable Player
Multi-Level Course Menu
Display Slide Notes or Transcript
Attach Resources
Custom Player Tabs
Resume Playback
Preview Slides, Scenes, and Entire Courses
HTML5 Output for Windows, Mac, and Apple iOS
Flash Output for Flash-Enabled Browsers
Articulate Mobile Player Output for Apple iOS
Publish for Web
Publish for Articulate Online
Publish for Tin Can API (xAPI)
Publish for SCORM 2004
Publish for SCORM 1.2
Publish for AICC
Publish for CD and Other Local Destinations
Publish for Microsoft Word
Right-to-Left Language Support
Double-Byte Character Support
Translation Features
Section 508 Accessibility Support

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Storyline 3 bao gồm 35 tính năng mới để giúp bạn xây dựng các khóa học di động hơn, dễ tiếp cận hơn, tương tác hơn. Kiểm tra so sánh phiên bản của chúng tôi để xem danh sách đầy đủ những tính năng mới.

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